5 Ways To Deal With See through – Translucent Teeth

Worried that brushing is slowly turning your teeth translucent? Do not worry about it. This blog has your issues covered. There are multiple reasons why your teeth turn see through, and not all of them are worrisome. We have enlisted some potential triggers for white translucent teeth with treatment plans for them.

The Science behind Translucent Teeth

The change in appearance of your teeth, from white to translucent or see-through, is a slow, gradual process which happens to the outer layer. When the protective covering, your enamel on the teeth surface, starts eroding, the layer underneath – dentin becomes visible. This is the reason why your teeth lose their color.

What Are The Causes For Translucent Teeth?

Here are some reasons for having translucent or semi-transparent teeth:

Enamel Hypoplasia
Enamel development deformity occurs at the matrix formation step; various factors play a part in this. However, it is mainly related to genetics.

Inadequate saliva production from the glands turns your oral cavity dry, which results in acids sticking to the teeth, causing demineralization and erosion. As a consequence, teeth’ surfaces go transparent.

Acidic Edibles
Solid food items or beverages like coffee, sodas, or citrus are acid rich and their regular consumption results in low pH saliva. This leads to tooth enamel demineralization.

Celiac Disease
An autoimmune disorder whose main trigger is gluten. If an allergic individual consumes gluten, in this case, the intestine damages.

Acid Reflux
The stomach contains acid in it that may come up due to some medical conditions, just like reflux. It exposes your teeth to that acid and disturbs appropriate enamel formation.

Treatment for Translucent Teeth

Transparent or see-through teeth are visible and easily managed via these cosmetic retreats.

Veneers are hard shells of porcelain that sit on the front surface of a tooth. A veneer shell swiftly hides teeth with cracks, chips, gaps, or discoloration. They also serve to protect the teeth under them from constant enamel erosion due to wear and tear.

Composite resin, matching exactly your natural tooth color is prepared and then molded to cover your teeth.

Dental crowns are the best when it comes to protecting and restoring a tooth. These caps are made up of either porcelain or ceramic and affix perfectly over the top of your tooth. A dental crown provides strength and a supportive structure.

Enamel Remineralization
The remineralization process is beneficial for the protective layer. This process involves filling the tooth surface with minerals such as sodium, fluoride etc.

Final Take Out
In a nutshell, see through, or translucent teeth act as an indicator of enamel erosion. There are multiple reasons for this happening; however, the good news is that more than one cosmetic method is available for this condition. You can choose any according to your feasibility. You can always contact Mission Bend Family Dentistry dentists at 832 895 5110 for help.

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