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7 Possible Causes Your Teeth are Sensitive to Cold — What to do?

Do your teeth hurt when drinking cold water? Or, perhaps, you cannot truly enjoy ice cream because the cold triggers teeth sensitivity. And, then, you’re left concerned regarding your oral health. If your teeth are sensitive to cold, there are many reasons why.

You can learn what causes sensitivity in your teeth and deal with the culprit accordingly. It’s better to visit your dentist and have them evaluate your teeth. Remember to be honest; they can guide you on what to do moving forward. We’ll also mention why your teeth have become sensitive to cold and what to do about it.

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive to Cold?

Your teeth can become cold-sensitive when the nerves are exposed, possibly due to gum recession or enamel wearing away. Here are some reasons why your teeth are sensitive to cold:

  1. Tooth Decay or Gum Disease
    Dental problems like tooth decay or gum disease can make your teeth sensitive. You may have a dental issue if your teeth hurt even when not in contact with something cold. Plaque build-up on your teeth can erode tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Therefore, it is important to regularly get a dental examination and cleaning to determine where your dental health stands.
  2. Brushing Teeth Too Hard
    Aggressive brushing can affect your teeth and gums. It can erode your tooth enamel and even cause your gums to pull away, among other drawbacks. Thus, teeth can become sensitive to cold if you brush your teeth too hard.
    Ask a reputable dentist for the best method for brushing your teeth to maintain your dental health.
  3. Overusing Teeth Whitening Treatments
    Teeth whitening can help brighten your smile by giving you pearly teeth. However, too much of something is never good; the same is true with teeth whitening treatments. Using whitening strips or other treatments can be detrimental to your teeth. This is because these treatments usually contain bleach, which can lead to worn tooth enamel. In addition, it may make your teeth porous.
    Consult your dentist for professional teeth whitening, which lasts longer, so you won’t have to overuse other methods.
  4. Acidic or Sweet Foods & Drinks
    Acidic or sweet foods and drinks can damage your teeth by eroding tooth enamel. Therefore, limit wine, coffee, candies, etc., to ensure your teeth remain undamaged. Since enamel loss is irreversible, it is better to ask your dentist for a suitable treatment. Furthermore, include foods for healthy teeth and gums in your diet.
  5. Grinding Your Teeth
    Do cold drinks hurt your teeth? Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw can be why. Excessive teeth grinding or bruxism leads to worn tooth enamel or exposed nerves.
    Your dentist can help reduce the effect of your teeth grinding by methods like mouthguards and more.
  6. Exposed Tooth Nerves
    When your gums recede, your tooth nerves become exposed. Not only this, but gum disease has similar consequences. As a result, contact with cold food or drink can trigger tooth sensitivity.
    The treatment can depend on your condition. In some cases, a deep teeth cleaning may do the trick. In more severe cases, treatments like gum grafting are required.
  7. Cracked Teeth
    Exposure to extreme temperatures expands and contracts your teeth. This causes cracks in teeth, making your teeth sensitive to cold by providing a pathway to the nerves. Dentists can examine your teeth for cracks and recommend a suitable treatment.
    Dental veneers and bonding are some of the procedures that are used to treat cracked teeth. The nature of the crack, its size, its location, and other factors help determine which procedure to perform.

What to do?

Teeth sensitive to cold require special care. You must adopt a proper oral care routine and maintain dental hygiene to avoid these issues. Moreover, your dentist can treat any underlying problem that causes teeth sensitivity. Mission Bend Family Dentistry experts are adept at treating your dental concerns. Dial (832) 895-5110 to schedule an appointment with us now.

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