All About Kid’s Dentistry

Preventative maintenance is the best kind. This is in order to provide your child with proper care now and in the future. Your children’s dental options are one of the most important types of care. Let’s learn all about kid’s dentistry and the different options available.

Dental Checkups

This is good to provide once a year. If your child has unhealthy teeth then go more often. A checkup looks for cavities, deformities, and future problems. A yearly checkup can determine the need for braces, retainers, and even surgeries. Each checkup can provide your child with a teeth cleaning and x-rays for cavities.  You will also get a new toothbrush and samples of toothpaste and floss. This will help you determine if your child is taking care of their teeth.


These are an option for your child if they have crooked teeth. This is also available for correcting overbites. If your child is unable to eat properly then braces are a necessity that is not considered cosmetic. There are many options in braces now. The clear braces help with a child’s complex of having braces. For a bit more cost, Invisalign braces are barely visible at all. This option can straighten teeth much faster than the metal set. There are even 6-month braces available now.


For major issues, such as root canals, your child may need surgery. Most surgeries only require a short office visit that is painless. Root canals, impacted wisdom teeth, and more are cause for surgery. The tooth is easily removed while the patient is under gas to calm them. The gums are numbed prior to the surgery to assist in pain management. After the surgery, the child is provided with gauze and medication for pain if necessary.

There are several other children’s dental options but each case is different. In order to find out what you need, contact us. We understand this can be scary for a child. Our main priority is to do everything in our power to make you and your child as comfortable as possible. We will talk you help you learn all about kid’s dentistry.

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