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Are These White Dots On My Lips Treatable?

Your lips are the first noticeable features of the face, and it helps you communicate with the people around you. Having white dots or bumps on the lips will make you self-conscious and hamper your personality development. Usually, these bumps on the lips are not troublesome or do not require attention; however, knowing the root cause of this development helps a lot.

Causes of White Dots on the Lips

There are various reasons for this, some grave, some not that serious. Have a look at them below:

Fordyce Spots

This is the most common of the reasons; it is harmless, small in size, around 1 – 2 millimeter white dots or bumps inside the lips. Fordyce spots are visible and sebaceous glands that produce oil. The affected individual may have as many as 100 small white bumps, mainly on the inner side.

Herpes Simplex

Oral herpes is caused because of the presence of the herpes simplex virus. It presents itself in the form of white dots or canker sores on the lips and inner mouth cavity and progresses into fluid-filled blisters.

Oral Cancer

A white dot or bump may appear flat or raised because of cancer. HPV human papillomavirus, tobacco abuse, and sun exposure are some of the potential reasons for cancer. The bump on the lip is painless initially but may bleed or ulcerate.


It is most commonly found in babies, are small-sized gives dotted white inner lips because of dead skin cells trapped under the skin.

Oral Thrush

A fungal overload leads to this infection causing white lesions on the lips, mouth, or gums. Candida Albicans is most commonly the reason behind this issue.

Other Reasons For White Dots On The Lips

Sometimes, white lip spots are merely birthmarks or because of specific genetic variations.

When To Call For Help?

Usually, having white spots on the lips is not a pressing matter and rarely requires medical intervention. However, do seek assistance in the following circumstances:

  • Bumps that are painful
  • Dots, lumps or bumps that bleed
  • The lumpy feeling inside your throat
  • Neck or swelling of the jaw
  • Numbness of your tongue
  • Chewing or swallowing troubles
  • Sore throat with fever

Treating White Dots on the Lips

Treatment of white dots or bumps on the lips depends on the cause and symptoms. A condition such as Fordyce spots does not require any medical help; however, surgical removal is available if you feel that their growth is hampering your aesthetics.

Thrush is easily treatable with anti-fungal and liquid dedicated mouthwashes; simply swish, swirl and spit. Herpes requires anti-viral medications to go away. As for oral cancers, their treatment is set after biopsy.


Whether or not you decide on the treatment, do not pick those white dots from your lips. They will get irritated and turn into a potential infection site. If you are looking for treatment options for your lips, contact the dentist from Richmond at Mission Bend Family Dentistry at 832 895 5110.

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