Best ways to help keep smiles look awesome

Summer is finally here! School is out, and kids can play without worrying about homework. While kids may change their activities, it is vital to ensure that their smiles don’t break. There are many ways to allow your child to enjoy summer while keeping teeth healthy and charming.

Follow a plan

Many kids will be enjoying summer to the fullest, having late nights with their friends, late nights with a good movie and popcorn, and late nights playing their favorite videogames. While all of this should happen, it is also essential to make sure our kids keep up with the necessities of teeth care. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouthwash can help protect teeth from plaque and cavities.

Get a quick dental-visit before school reopens

Getting a dental checkup with a dentist that cares, like Mission Bend dentistry, can help ensure teeth are healthy and ready for the new school year. Waiting until a few weeks before school starts can cause a huge hassle to appear. Getting your son or daughter to your local dentist in Richmond, Texas, like Mission Bend dentistry, can help save time in getting your children’s teeth checked and cleaned.

Ensure you are getting a dental checkup by dentists that care. If you or a loved one needs a local dentist in Richmond, Texas, make sure to visit us. We are your local dentist and care about you and your family! Call us today at 832-895-5110 or visit our website at We want to help keep your teeth healthy even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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