Can I Have Tooth Extraction And Dentures On The Same Day?

Same-day dentures and tooth extraction can be confusing at times, and patients often ask us about that. This article will explore what one-day dentures can offer you so you can make the right decision. Same-day dentures allow you to enjoy a beautiful and shining smile without worrying about the missing teeth. However, not everyone is the candidate for getting their teeth pulled and dentures on the same day. Keep reading to learn how the procedure works and how you can get the best out of it.

Same Day Extraction and Dentures

Tooth extractions alone are a nightmare for many people, and when they get to know that they’ll have to live for weeks or months with a missing tooth, it’s enough to keep them away from having their teeth pulled. But it’s not the same with immediate dentures. As the name suggests, you get a partial or full set of dentures on the same day of your tooth extraction. That means no more embarrassment of going to a party with a space in your dental arch. You can smile again with confidence and enjoy your days till you are ready for a more permanent alternative for your extracted tooth.

Your dentist will measure your teeth and jaw a few weeks before your tooth extraction. When your immediate dentures are ready, you can visit your dentist for the surgery.

Immediate Dentures vs. Regular Dentures

The major difference between immediate and regular dentures is the comfort level. Since it takes longer to fabricate regular dentures due to precise measurement and molding procedures, they perfectly fit your mouth and are very comfortable to wear. The downside of going with traditional dentures is that they take more time to be ready, so you will have to wait for weeks or even months. And till then, manage your mouth and life with a missing tooth.

But the good side is that regular dentures comfortably fit your mouth after the tissues and extraction sites have recovered. You can enjoy a more natural feel in your mouth with same day dentures.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

  • You can instantly get a set of false teeth so nobody will notice a space
  • You can immediately learn how to speak with your new appliance
  • Same-day dentures cover your exposed sockets or tissues and prevent them from bacteria or physical damage

Disadvantages of Same-day Dentures

  • One factor that can influence many decisions is cost. Immediate dentures are way more costly than regular dentures. So you will lose many dollars within the same day.
  • It is nearly impossible to figure out how your mouth will look when wearing your immediate dentures.
  • Since immediate dentures are worn before your gums and tissues fully heal, you’ll have to visit your dentist for adjustments.

To know if you can have tooth extraction and dentures on the same day, visit your nearest dentist. Book an appointment with Mission Bend Family Dentistry. Call us today at 832-895-5110.

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