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Tooth Extraction Recovery Tips

February 29, 2020 288 Views

Are you preparing for a tooth extraction? Getting ready for your procedure will help you stay comfortable during surgery. However, it’s also important to prepare for your recovery. Taking it easy for a few days will help your mouth to recover. It will also help you regain energy so you can get back to your … Continue reading “Tooth Extraction Recovery Tips”

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Why Should You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Immediately?

December 05, 2015 116 Views

It is safe to assume that no one likes wisdom teeth. Why? First, they never grow properly, causing people a great deal of discomfort. They cause swelling, pain, gum disease, cavities, and infection. Second, your mouth cannot accommodate the growth of wisdom teeth due to it being smaller. When can you expect your wisdom teeth … Continue reading “Why Should You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth Immediately?”

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What to Expect From a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

August 28, 2015 97 Views

One of the hardest and most painful things that you will have to experience in adulthood is having your tooth pulled out or extracted. There are most people that prefer not having their tooth extracted, but sometimes it may not be your choice, but rather a necessity to have your tooth extracted. This is why … Continue reading “What to Expect From a Tooth Extraction Procedure?”

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