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Root Canal

Root Canal vs. Extraction — What’s the Difference Between the Procedures?

Dec 15, 2022

You might have heard come across the names of different dental procedures throughout your life. So when you have a dental issue, you might be confused about which one you need. A root canal or extraction? To understand the procedure you’ll need, you must be familiar with the difference between a root canal vs. extraction. […]

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Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

Feb 15, 2020

Root canals might seem like a big deal, but they are actually pretty common procedures. However, it’s important to act quickly if you need this procedure. Waiting to get this treatment can increase your risk of complications. It can also add time to your recovery. Below, we will go over the signs you might need […]

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See an Affordable Dentist in Richmond for a Root Canal

Nov 26, 2018

Root canals have a bit of an unfair reputation. They’re widely thought to be painful procedures, but a root canal actually relieves the excruciating pain of a deep infection. What can be painful is the cost of a root canal if you don’t have an affordable dentist. Richmond patients, however, can find relief for their […]

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