Tooth Pain

Why does my tooth still hurt after getting a filling?

Oct 15, 2020

Some patients experience tooth sensitivity months after a dental filling. Is it something common? Or do the patients need to worry about it? This article will talk about what causes tooth sensitivity and when one should be worried about it. What is tooth sensitivity? Having sensitive teeth is when you experience mild ache or discomfort […]

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Do Your Dentures Fit Correctly?

Mar 30, 2020

If you have dentures, then you know the importance of a proper fit. Snug, secure dentures provide the best look while also protecting the mouth. However, these devices can wear down over time, leading to subtle fit changes you might not notice. Below, we will give you some tips to ensure your dentures fit correctly. […]

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How to Ease Tooth Pain with Miracle Foods

Nov 14, 2015

An infected tooth leads to terrible pain for an individual. Perhaps, it is at that time they assess why they ate all that candy and drank all that soda. The least they could have done was practice good dental hygiene at home. In addition, they could have scheduled more visits to their dentist for routine […]

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