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Does Saving Tooth With a Root Canal Hurt?

Did your dentist recommend a root canal procedure for your infected tooth? Given the bad rep surrounding the root canal, many people assume the worst when it comes to this procedure. However, endodontic treatment helps save your tooth from further complications that may result in removing the affected tooth. But you might still be wondering, ‘Do root canals hurt?’ Continue reading this blog to find out. 

Root Canal Process

To know if the procedure will hurt, you should be familiar with what it involves. A suitable dentist or experienced endodontist performs a root canal to remove the infected root. Sometimes, if the condition is severe, the patient will have to make more than one visit to the dentist. 

Your dentist will verify if you need a root canal with the help of dental x-rays. Then, they will discuss what to look forward to in the procedure and how it is beneficial for your dental health. When it is finally time for the procedure, and you are in the dentist’s chair with the required prep, you will be given anesthesia. Once the anesthesia takes effect, numbness takes over, and you’ll not feel any sensation while the dentist works on your damaged tooth. 

After making sure you do not feel any discomfort and that the anesthesia is working, the dental specialist will open the tooth to remove the infected tissue. Once the problem source is eliminated, they will thoroughly clean and sanitize the area to ensure no bacteria or debris remains. Next, the open area is filled with gutta-percha and filling to seal the tooth. And, simple as that, you will be done with your root canal treatment — feeling neither pain nor discomfort. The dentist might also recommend antibiotics and OTC medications for pain relief. 

Is Root Canal Painful?

So, the question remains, are root canals painful? To answer, you will not experience any pain throughout the endodontic treatment. The reason you will not feel any discomfort is due to the local anesthesia, which numbs the area. Many people link root canals with pain, but the reality is that the ‘pain’ comes from the infection. Since the root canal treatment gets rid of the infected root, the pain is no longer felt. In other words, you can say that the root canal helps eliminate the pain by removing the source of your discomfort. If anything, you may experience mild pressure during the procedure and nothing more. 

You will possibly feel some amount of pain or discomfort following the procedure. However, it 

will go away within some days. If the pain gets worse or continues after the root canal, it is best to visit a dental specialist. 

Root Canal Recovery Time

In general, root canal recovery time takes less than a week. You may have slight discomfort for some days, but the dentist will prescribe medications. You should call your dental office if the pain lasts longer than a week. 


Root canal, in simple terms, is an endodontic treatment that helps get rid of any pain or discomfort in an infected tooth. Our Mission Bend Family Dentistry team can help eliminate all your dental troubles at 7039 FM 1464, Suite 130, Richmond, TX 77407. Pick up your phone now and dial (832) 895-5110 to book an appointment! 

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