What to Expect From a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

One of the hardest and most painful things that you will have to experience in adulthood is having your tooth pulled out or extracted. There are most people that prefer not having their tooth extracted, but sometimes it may not be your choice, but rather a necessity to have your tooth extracted. This is why we at Mission Bend have decided to provide you with the reasons why you need to have your tooth extracted.

Your teeth are generally meant to last you a lifetime, but if you don’t practice proper dental care then you will have to go through the painful experience of tooth extraction. There are quite a number of reasons why you may have to go through a tooth extraction, and some of the most common reasons include having your tooth badly damaged due to trauma or decay. Others reasons for tooth extraction include the following:

A Crowded Mouth

If your teeth are not aligned properly, the dentist will have no other option but to extract your teeth. It may even be that your teeth have started growing too fast and are now too big for your mouth, which can cause nerves to be damaged. Also, if your tooth is struggling to come out of the gum, the dentist may consider a tooth extraction.


If you have got an infected tooth that is badly damaged, then the nerves and blood vessels in your gum may also get damaged. It can cause bacteria in your mouth and is extremely painful to deal with. Most dentists then recommend root canal therapy but if the infection has spread and become too severe then the dentist will have no other option but to recommend tooth extraction to prevent the infection from spreading further.

Risk of Infection

If your tooth infection is compromising your immune system, then the dentist simply can’t risk your health and will consider tooth extraction to ensure that there are no further complications caused by the infection.

What Can You Expect From Tooth Extraction?

Oral surgeons and dentists are superficially trained to perform tooth extraction surgery. They will inform you about the problem and will provide you with the details of your tooth extraction in order to prepare you mentally. A tooth extraction is generally performed by giving the patient a local anesthetic through injection. This will numb the area from which the tooth is going to be extracted and if you are having more than one tooth extracted, the dentist will use a strong anesthetic.

Once the dentist has removed the tooth, it is quite common that a blood clot will begin to form in the socket. The dentist will generally place a gauze pad into that socket, which you have to bite down on to stop the bleeding. The dentist may even place some stitches to close the gum edges from where the tooth has been extracted.

Tooth extractions can be painful, and they require a lot of post-operative care. If you want to get your tooth extracted then visit Mission Bend today.

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