Get Your Athletic Mouthguard at Mission Bend Family Dentistry

Everyone looks for it. It’s quite possibly more important than the trophy itself. A winning smile can carry the weight of any loss, or even better, compliment a true triumph. Nothing protects your teeth better than an athletic mouthguard does.

Regardless of the sport, if physical contact is a possibility then protecting your teeth should be a priority. Many don’t realize the benefits of an athletic mouthguard and assume the main reason for using one is cosmetic, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

What is an Athletic Mouthguard

Before discussing the benefits, it’s important to establish what exactly an athletic mouthguard is. The obvious answer is a guard worn to protect the mouth. The longer answer is a physical guard that ensures any potential damage to the teeth or jaws is absorbed by the mouthguard itself versus the face or neck. Ask anyone and I’m sure they’d rather spend an extra few dollars on safety up front than risk pain, trauma and more expenses later. Call it insurance or call it peace of mind or call it smart, but it’s necessary to have an athletic mouthguard.

Benefits of Wearing an Athletic Mouthguard

Mouthguards offer a barrier between the teeth and the cheeks as well as lips and tongue, preventing any potential bangs and bruises to the mouth from spreading into a bigger problem. Soft tissue damage could lead to even worse issues like infections or disease, if left untreated.Therefore,  it’s best to prevent them if at all possible. Wearing a protective mouthguard when engaging in any sports activity is not only the wisest choice, but  it’s a cost-effective choice in the long run.

An athletic mouthguard should still allow breathing and talking while staying in place while in use. It shouldn’t be a constant source of aggravation, but more so a constant source of protection. It should be essentially odorless and tasteless and fit comfortably when wearing. The choice to wear one, and it is a choice as many sports guidelines don’t make it a requirement, should be one of confidence not inhibition.

Perhaps the largest advantage of wearing an athletic mouthguard is to prevent broken or chipped teeth, even root or bone damage and tooth loss entirely. It’s a precaution that should be explored and encouraged regardless of the sport chosen.

Get Your Athletic Mouthguard Custom Fitted

While there are several generic and semi-custom athletic mouthguards on the market, the added security of a custom fit mouthguard is worth its weight in gold both in a winning smile on your face and a trophy in your hands.

Ask your local dentist for details. Contact Mission Bend Family Dentistry for your athletic mouthguard needs. They pride themselves on creating healthy smiles for the entire family, sports enthusiasts included.

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