How Does Invisalign Work?

Oral hygiene reflects your personality. However, it doesn’t always end up on hygiene. Alignment plays an important role too. If you are on this page trying to find out “how does Invisalign work?” then you must have realized this also.

Invisible teeth aligners are a blessing for today’s world. Everyone wants a beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth. Even during treatment, people want to look great.

If you are looking for re-alignment while having your smile intact during the process, invisible braces for teeth are the best choice. Keep reading to know about the whole Invisalign process.

How Does Invisalign Work?

With the invention of invisible aligners, the embarrassment that haunted orthodontic patients in the past has ended. No lie, metal braces are too noticeable, and people might feel discomfort or confidence.

However, invisible teeth aligners are a significant relief. Invisalign is a computer-generated aligner that generates hidden mounts with images and impressions recorded from the patient’s mouth. What makes them more wanted is the fact that their trays are removable. So, the patient can easily remove the trays and then put them back in after eating whatever you want.

Invisalign Process Breakdown:

Let us break the whole process into five steps:

The first step is going to the orthodontist. Invisible braces for teeth are the right choice, but it’s not always that it suits every person. The orthodontist will see if you can receive that treatment, and will it work for you or not.

Treatment Plan:
Now that your treatment is confirmed, next comes the plan. The orthodontist will capture pictures of your teeth and render a 3D image of the aligners. The orthodontist will tell you how your teeth will move to the new positions and show you all the necessary details. After you’re all done, the orthodontist will make trays for your teeth.

Get Aligners:
Once your aligners arrive at the office, your orthodontist will call you. The aligners are different for every tooth because they are computer-generated. Each aligner is generally worn for two weeks. These aligners will straighten your teeth. It is better that you remove them only when it’s necessary to see a fast recovery.

A Refined Smile:
Removal of Invisalign’s last tray and your teeth are well-aligned now. Often, your teeth might need a bit more adjustment. These refinement trays are free and help your orthodontist to refine your smile wholly.

Maintain The Refined Smile:
After the time comes for removing braces, your need to wear retainers to help maintain your cute smile. The best advice is to keep wearing them once a week after some time of treatment. You can opt for wire retainers or maybe an Invisalign product, Vivera.


That’s all you needed to know about invisible braces for your teeth. We know you want to look good while getting treatment. Don’t worry, because Invisalign is here to help you. If you’re sure about getting this treatment, visit an orthodontist near you at your earliest!

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