How long does a teeth cleaning take?

If you tend to wonder about how long a teeth cleaning takes, you are not alone! Unfortunately, many have a phobia against going to the dentist, even if it involves a simple dental cleaning. An expert cleaning is simple, pain-free, and helpful for your oral health in many ways. Today we will look at how long a teeth cleaning takes and everything you should know about dental teeth cleaning.

Why exactly should I get dental teeth cleaning?

Every day, millions of bacteria enter our mouths. If you allow, this bacteria can form a clear, sticky substance called plaque in just a couple of hours. If plaque is not immediately removed, acids in the plaque start to attack the tooth’s hard enamel surface. This can lead to a damaging cavity. In addition, if it develops down the tooth to the gum line, it can come in contact with soft tissue. Unfortunately, this can result in an infection in your gums.

We strongly recommend brushing twice a day, using mouth wash, and flossing at least once to help remove plaque. Even if you brush very well, reach all the very tough places in the mouth, and consume non-staining foods, it is still likely that plaque will form. At this point, this is precisely where professional teeth cleaning comes into play.

What happens during a professional dental cleaning?

It is best to get a dental cleaning at least every six months. First, your dentist will check for any oral illnesses as well as a diagnosis of soft tissues. X-rays help capture what is going on with your teeth’ health, especially below the gumline. Immediately following, your dental cleaning will begin.

Your dentist will review the health of your gums and check for the development of any cavities. After, the process begins to remove any buildup of plaque or tartar with a scaling instrument or an ultrasonic device. The amount of time you are in the dental chair is dependent on the amount of plaque in your teeth. It may be surprising, but most dental cleanings last between 1-2 hours, sometimes less, making it worth the wait and effort.

Depending on your dentist, they may use a rough toothpaste with an electric toothbrush to clean your teeth lightly. This is a safe procedure; however, it should not be done at home to avoid wearing the enamel. Next, your teeth will be flossed. Even if you do it at home, it is highly beneficial to have an expert floss your teeth to help remove any remaining plaque.

Finally, you will use a fluoride treatment shortly after the cleaning. This will help fight against cavities for many months to come.

Are you in need of dental teeth cleaning?

We hope it is a bit clear about how long a teeth cleaning takes. If you need professional teeth cleaning, you have come to the right place! Mission Bend Dentistry can help give you a teeth cleaning that will make your teeth feel fresh and crisp! We are your local dentist in Richmond, Texas, and we want to ensure you have a dentist who can execute amazing dental teeth cleanings! Call us today at 832-895-5110 . You can also visit our website at.

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