How Long Does It Take To Get Braces?

Are you troubled with not being able to smile openly? Do your bottom teeth bite in the roof of your mouth? Or do your lower teeth overlap your upper teeth?

Issues like these and having spaces between teeth can be a drag on your self-esteem. If you want to know more, whether getting braces is ideal for you or not, and how long does it take to get braces, then keep on reading.

What does it mean to get braces?

Educating yourself about braces before your orthodontist’s appointment will give you a better idea of what to expect before going for it.

Before knowing how long does it take to get braces, you should know what type of braces to opt for as there are several choices to choose from:

Metal Braces:
Metal braces refer to those traditional metal wires and brackets. They are also available with colored bands for a more personal touch and clear too if you want to be subtle about your correctors.

Lingual Braces:
These braces put the metal brackets inside your mouth rather than outside, so they are not visible.

Ceramic Braces:
Ceramic braces are similar to metal braces in terms of shape and size but, their brackets blend in with the natural color of your teeth.

Invisalign Braces:
These feature a nearly invisible plastic mouth guard that is custom-fit to your teeth.

What to expect from braces?

If you have decided to go for the braces, you should visit your orthodontist to discuss options and a dental plan. Your choice will determine how long it takes to get braces.

Here’s what you should expect in the weeks or months leading up to the dental procedure:

  • Your orthodontist will take X-rays, photos, impressions of your mouth.
  • You will need to Show your teeth alignment and jaw.
  • The dentist will take plastic models of your mouth.
  • You and your orthodontist will discuss and agree on a dental plan which is most suitable and affordable.
  • Your orthodontist will place spacers between your teeth; these separators are left on for a couple of weeks to separate the teeth before putting on braces.

Now, for how long it takes,

How long does it take to get braces?

It takes about one to two hours on average. During the actual appointment, your orthodontist will clean and dry your teeth. Then, Brackets will be bond to the front teeth with bond glue. Finally, the dentist will place the archwire in the brackets, and it’s then secured with elastic bands.


Your mouth will be sore right after getting braces. The discomfort and pain last for a couple of weeks at best. Getting used to the braces may take a while, so it’s normal to feel strange for a few weeks.


If you are tired of having crooked teeth and low self-esteem issues due to them, then get your teeth corrected and get the braces of your choice here at Mission Bend Family Dentistry. For more details and orthodontic solutions, contact us at 832-895-5110.

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