How Nightguards Work for TMJ

TMJ is a condition that occurs when your jaw is not seated in the correct position, which puts pressure on and can tear the joint controlling the muscles in your jaw, forcing them to work overtime. This can lead to discomfort and pain in the joint of your jaw, but never fear! Nightguards are great ways to reduce the pain and help you live in comfort.

Nightguards, sometimes referred to as bite splints, are custom-fit plastic shields that cover your teeth and help protect them.

Reduce Jaw Pain with a Nightguard

Contractions of jaw muscles cause part of the pain associated with TMJ. A nightguard helps keep your teeth slightly separated, which helps prevent clenching and grinding. The muscles relax, which lessens the pressure on the inflamed joint. Some symptoms that may be relieved are:

  • CLICKING AND POPPING-It can be annoying, painful and sometimes even loud! A nightguard adjusts your bite, correcting it enough to allow the jaw muscles to rest.
  • LOCK JAW-Facial muscles are helped to relax. Nightguards keep the jaw slightly open, which reduces muscle spasms, the main cause of a locked jaw due to TMJ.
  • GRINDING TEETH-With jaw issues, grinding teeth can exacerbate the condition by causing cracked teeth or gum recession.

Nightguards Reduce Stress

With all the painful symptoms of TMJ, it’s critical to rest and heal. The nightguard’s design keeps the teeth separated, reducing tension in the mouth and jaw, and preventing wearing down and stressing your teeth. A nightguard helps by using the time you sleep to help heal, instead of further stressing your jaw and your teeth at night.

Day or Night!

While nightguards are generally worn at night, they can be worn during the day, too. This can help if you inadvertently clench or grind your teeth during the day. While you’re awake, a nightguard will help remind you to loosen your jaws and help correct the condition. It can also reduce chances of tooth injury while participating in sports.

Easing TMJ Pain with Nightguards

It is important to get the correct nightguard for you. Having yours custom fit generally reduces the chances of it causing even more pain or discomfort. The dentists on staff at Mission Bend Family Dentistry are ready to help! Call a professional for your nightguards to ensure a great fit. Call Mission Bend at 832-895-5110 for a free consultation and a step toward a healthier mouth.

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