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My Gum Abscess Popped By Itself — What Should I Do?

If your gum abscess popped by itself, you might be worried about what to do. A dental abscess can form when pus, caused by bacterial infection, collects near your tooth. This leads to a pimple on your gums, which might lead to painful symptoms. Usually, an endodontist might recommend a root canal procedure for the infection. However, there are other gum abscess treatment options as well. Continue reading to learn what you need to do if the gum abscess bursts on its own.

Why the Gum Abscess Popped By Itself

Your gum abscess is prone to bursting since it is just a ball of pus buildup that the thin, stretched-out gums hold. Therefore, you can easily pop it by scratching or puncturing the surface. Your gum abscess might’ve popped by itself due to the following reasons:

  • Eating something hard or sharp, like a taco shell, potato chips, etc., can puncture the abscess
  • Brushing might scratch open the surface when the bristles of the toothbrush rub against the abscess

What To Do If A Gum Abscess Bursts On Its Own?

You might be wondering what to do next after the gum abscess popped by itself. It’s possible that you find yourself dealing with a mixture of pus, blood, and bad odor from your mouth when the abscess bursts. You should take the necessary steps to drain the pus, keeping the area clean. Moreover, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist right away.

While you wait for the appointment with your dentist, here is what you should do:

  1. Mix a dash of salt with a cup full of water to rinse your mouth. Swirl the saltwater rinse in your mouth, especially the affected area, to eliminate the oozing infection.
  2. Clean your hands with soap and water before touching your mouth.
  3. Once your hands are clean, press a finger on the abscess to drain the infection. Rub the clean finger back and forth, squeezing out the remaining pus. However, do this only if you feel no pain. Don’t continue if you’re experiencing pain.
  4. Rinse your mouth again with a rinse; ask your dentist which one to use.
  5. Spit the rinse out and try to keep the affected region clean.

What Will a Dentist Do If Your Gum Abscess Popped By Itself?

The source of dental abscess is generally located in your tooth. Most of the time, untreated tooth decay could lead to an infection. Your dentist will try to save your tooth by treating the infected pulp and sealing the root canal. Sometimes, though, the tooth is beyond saving and needs to be removed to avoid additional issues.

Your oral health care provider might offer the following treatments;

  1. Root Canal: A root canal treatment could help save your tooth. This is because an abscess is among the signs that you need a root canal. Your endodontist will drain the infection first. Then, they’ll extract the infected pulp.
  2. Tooth Extraction: A large gum abscess might mean that your tooth is unrestorable. Hence, the dentist might suggest a tooth extraction after draining the abscess. Follow your dentist’s tooth extraction aftercare tips for safe recovery.

Need to Go to the Dentist?

A gum abscess might have popped by itself in your mouth. This means you need to keep the site clean, try saltwater rinses, and go to a credible and affordable dental office right away. Mission Bend Dentistry is always here to help you with your oral health issues. Visit us at 7039 FM 1464 #130, Richmond, TX 77407. You can also book an appointment at (832) 895-5110.

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