Nightguards Are a Cost-Effective Way to Protect Your Teeth

Sleep Bruxism

According to the American Dental Association, about 15 percent of Americans and eight percent of the world’s population experience symptoms related to a condition called Sleep Bruxism. This condition exists when a person clenches and grinds their teeth during sleep. It is very common and can be easily fixed at a reasonable price. This condition can cause the sufferer to awaken with a sore jaw, facial pain, and will cause damage to your teeth. Although this condition is difficult to cure because it is mostly caused by stress, meditation, sleep therapy and muscle relaxers may help. Furthermore, nightguards are a great tool for individuals who experience pain in the jaw muscles due to grinding their teeth while sleeping.

Talk to Your Dentist

If you experience pain in the jaw muscle or swelling in your face, then it may be a good idea to speak with your dentist. If you are diagnosed with bruxism, it is important to correct it as soon as possible. The most common way to correct this issue is to be fitted with nightguards at your dentist office. If you do not correct this issue, the bruxism will lead to enamel eroding from your teeth, which will cause your teeth to become more sensitive and at higher risk to develop cavities.

Nightguards Are Inexpensive

Nightguards are designed to protect the enamel of your teeth. If you are clenching rather than grinding your teeth, a hybrid laminate guard is your best option. This guard features a soft interior and a hard exterior and helps with moderate grinding. Guards made with hard acrylic are designed for heavy grinding. These guards work because they place a layer of protection between your teeth. This prevents you from grinding your teeth together and causing damage to the enamel. A guard usually lasts one to five years and can be easily replaced.

Using nightguards is critical for preventing damage to your teeth. The layer of enamel on your teeth is there to protect the blood vessels and nerves located in the center of each tooth. When bruxism is not treated, you will eventually erode enough enamel away from your teeth that your nerves and blood vessels become exposed. This will not only lead to lost sleep and losing teeth, it is incredibly painful. In addition, repairs can be very expensive.

Sleep bruxism also affects the muscles in your jaw. Your jaw has a great deal of strength and after it has been clenched all night it will hurt. Nightguards made of laminate or rubber will cushion your teeth and relieve the pressure on your jaw. These guards are both comfortable and thin, yet will still give you enough cushion to support your jaw.

Consult with a Dental Professional

Nightguards are a cost-effective way to protect your teeth. Use our convenient contact form or call Mission Bend Family Dentistry at (832) 895-5110 in Richmond, TX, to make an appointment. Allow a reputable dentist to evaluate your situation and ensure you are using the correct nightguard. See what your friends and neighbors are saying about the professional service they received from Mission Bend Family Dentist.

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