NTI Treatments for the Migraine Headache

Migraine Relief from the Dentist’s Office

The NTI treatments, or Nociceptive trigeminal inhibition (NTI) tension suppression system (TSS), is designed to stop Bruxism and migraines. A dentist suffered from Bruxism, a night-time gnashing or clenching of the teeth while sleeping which also caused painful jaws and teeth in the morning. The dentist wondered if that might be the reason for some who suffered migraine or stress-related headaches.


According to the American Dental Association, nearly 15% of the American population experiences the symptoms associated with a condition known as Bruxism. The condition occurs when people clench and grind their teeth while sleeping. With nearly 50 million nightly sufferers in the USA alone, it is quite common. However, in many cases, it could be fixed rather quickly and inexpensively. Compare to the price of 9 tablets of Triptan, for the average generic price at $20 to $260 for the name brand. Whether you suffer from an aura prior to the attack or not, the medication only offers relief, not a cure. NTI treatments could offer a cure for bruxism and your migraines.

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Basically, the NTI treatments are an occlusal splint, which is a mouthguard. In this case, it is a bit smaller than a normal mouthguard and fits only the front teeth to separate those from the molars. The splint keeps them from making contact with the bottom teeth while the bruxism sufferer sleeps. This alleviates the hyperactivity on the trigeminal nerve or the fifth cranial nerve that supplies sensation from the face to the brain.

These mouth guards are not designed to be worn 24 hours a day, nor while you are eating. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned dentists to closely observe the use of the device to ensure it is fitted and used properly. There have been some reports of choking due to the small size and ill-fitted devices. Another hazard with over-use is that of a shifting in the bite of the wearer. Therefore, users should follow the instructions of their dentist and have the devices checked frequently to ensure the fit does not change with use.

The guards are only worn at night to prevent sleep bruxism, which can damage your teeth and overstimulate the trigeminal nerve sufficiently to start a migraine headache. When you are busy at work, this is not always possible, and too many episodes of missed work could lead to termination from your job.

Are NTI Treatments Right for You?

If the dentist determines that the treatment is right for you, they can fit you quickly and comfortably in just a short time. NTI treatments are cost-effective compared to paying for Sumatriptan to relieve the pain every time a migraine attack or the forewarning aura begins. Simply call our office in Richmond, TX (832) 895-5110 or use the convenient contact form on our website to make an appointment with Mission Bend Family Dentistry. One of our dental professionals will evaluate your situation and get you fitted for NTI-TSS, if possible.

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