What You Need to Know About Powerprox Six Month Braces?

The dental team at Mission Bend Family Dentistry feels it as their job to educate people about the latest dental techniques. Today, we are going to tell you about a dental technique that has changed the way we wear braces— Powerprox Six Month Braces.

Do You Wear them for Six Months?

In six months, your teeth will be brand new. It’s a real thing, and is just one of the many advancements in the world of dentistry. If you are one of the lucky few who qualifies for these braces, you may be able to get your flawless smile in less than six months. Even though six months is the given timeframe for these braces, for some patients, it takes an entire six months or longer depending on the state of your teeth.

How Are the Six Month Braces Different Similar to Regular Braces?

Just like any other braces, there is a wire and bracket mechanism to direct your teeth into the correct position. The difference is that they can be tooth-colored, which means people will not be able to tell if you are wearing braces, unless you tell them, of course.
To make the appearance of these braces even more discreet, you can request your dentist to position the wires and brackets at the back of your teeth. You can discuss with your dentist about all the available options you can choose from regarding fixing your teeth. If you are a suitable candidate for this option, you will be smiling in six months.

What is the Secret to the Six Month Smile?

The secret to the six month smile is not increased pressure to fast forward the process. In fact, the method utilities lighter forces than regular braces, thus accelerating the movement of your teeth in the correct position.

This Option Must be Expensive Then

The Powerprox Six Month Braces are not as expensive as you think, but they are more affordable, as it requires fewer visits to the dentist. Once these braces are taken off, you have to wear retainers, which is something you would do after all orthodontic treatment concerning braces. Powerprox creates exact retainers for you to wear at night. They are comfortable to wear, as they are made using clear materials. Plus, they are customized to fit into your mouth. If you do not want to wear a retainer at night, you have the choice to wear a permanent retainer, which is fixed at the back of your mouth.

The six month braces make is possible for people who lead busy and hectic lives to get a perfect smile in six months.

After examining the arches of your jaw and your entire mouth, Mission Bend Family Dentistry dentists will then decide if you qualify for Powerprox Six Month Braces. Please feel free to contact us or make an appointment with one of our experienced dentists to ask any questions you have regarding these innovative braces. We will be glad to answer your questions before, during, and after your dental treatment.

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