Should You Use An Electric Toothbrush Or A Non-Electric One?

How do you brush your teeth? Do you think about how different types of toothbrushes affect your oral health? There’s quite the debate raging around electric vs. non-electric toothbrushes, and we’re here to give you the facts you need.

After all, an electric toothbrush has many benefits, and more people are buying electric or battery-operated toothbrushes to maintain good oral health. However, how do traditional, non-electric brushes hold up? And what would your dentist say about your oral health routine? Let’s go through the details, and some of the pros and cons, below.

Non-Electric Brushes are More Affordable

Of course, if you buy a non-electric, standard toothbrush, it’s not going to put much of a dent in your household budget. You can even pick up packs of 4 or 5 toothbrushes in most budget retailers for about a dollar, and that allows your whole family to keep up with oral hygiene.

However, the Price Point is Changing

With electric toothbrushes becoming more and more popular, the price point difference is getting slimmer and slimmer. Indeed, most people tend to consider the cost of an electric brush as an investment, thanks to how much longer they last compared to standard brushes. Additionally, they value the fact that electric toothbrushes are better at cleaning your teeth in the long term.

Additionally, Electric Heads Remove Plaque More Effectively

One of the main reasons many people swear by electric toothbrushes is their constant rotating movement. They move in your mouth as you move them, which gives you double the action to rely on, ensuring more plaque is removed right down to the base of your tooth.

On the other hand, even with a good brushing technique, and at least 3 minutes spent in front of a mirror cleaning your teeth, the standard non-electric brush’s effectiveness is falling behind its electric cousin. You’re likely to clean less of the mouth, particularly when it comes to the gums, when using a traditional toothbrush. Unfortunately, this can lead to recession and gum disease in the long term.

Always Listen to Your Dentist’s Recommendations

Here, at Mission Bend Family Dentistry, we’re keen to keep you and your family smiling. We want you to have healthy and happy teeth you can be proud to show off.

And because of this, we’ll go over your specific dentistry needs in the appointment you make with us, and we’ll tell you whether an electric toothbrush or non-electric brush will be better for you. Specifically, we’ll take your current oral health into account, as well as your oral history, and we’ll be able to inform you about the best practice for your oral hygiene going forward.

We’re always around to answer the phone or respond to your email. Additionally, if you’ve got a question on your mind, we have plenty of advice available regarding the effectiveness of an electric toothbrush for members of your family! To learn more about what we can do to help or schedule an appointment, call us today at 832-895-5110.

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