Start Your New Year With a Family Dental Plan in Richmond

Maintaining good oral health does more than protect your teeth; it protects your heart and other vital organs from the systemic effects of periodontal disease and other conditions. Knowing the importance of good dental care doesn’t matter if you can’t afford to access it, though. Why not make 2019 a year of good oral health for everyone in the household through a family dental plan? Richmond families have access to these savings through Mission Bend Family Dentistry.

The Basics of a Family Dental Plan in Richmond

Families and individuals who don’t have access to dental insurance can take advantage of programs that help them get the care they need at a manageable price. With no deductibles or annual maximums, you’ll get discounted rates for services through a family dental plan. Richmond patients aren’t dealing with a third-party insurance provider though these programs, either, so there’s no delay in treatment because of a need for predetermination. You’re able to access quality care at deep discounts.

Where to Find a Family Dental Plan in Richmond

At Mission Bend Family Dentistry, we believe in making oral health a priority for everyone. That’s why we offer a comprehensive family dental plan in Richmond, without a middleman. Annual fees are tiered, with individual plans costing $99 and dual plans at $125 and $150 per year for the entire family.

To learn more about a family discount plan and how it can make dental care attainable, call our office today. Together, we can make sure there’s always room in the budget for vital dental services.

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