Is the Stress of the Holidays Causing You to Grind Your Teeth?

Holidays can cause your stress levels to shoot up, but for people who have a habit of grinding their teeth, the holidays will do more harm than good. However, grinding your teeth is out of your control, as you may be so used to doing it that you may not even realize that you are doing it.

Once the holiday season passes, then you will come to the realization of the harm your teeth sustained due to your constant habit of grinding your teeth. This holiday season you need to get some control over your teeth grinding habit.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Stop Grinding Your Teeth?

When you wake in the morning, ready to tackles the pressures of the day, you will first have to deal with problems of your own. Upon waking up, you will feel your face muscles tightened, your teeth highly sensitive, constant headache, and throbbing spasms in the muscles of the head.

When your mornings will start so terrible, you can imagine how the rest of your day would be like. The problem is that at nighttime, you are constantly grinding and clenching your teeth, which is leading you to develop a host of problems. You will need to see your dentist immediately so they can provide you with custom-fitted nightguards.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Visit Your Dentist?

By not making an appointment with your dentist, you risk harming your dentition or temporal-mandibular joint. Even though grinding and clenching your teeth is a normal habit that people do when they are stressed, the habit poses a danger when the individual starts doing it regularly.

If you feel intense pain in your jaw or you start your day with a pill to relieve the headache, it is vital that you do not delay making an appointment with your dentist. A worst case scenario of grinding and clenching your teeth is the loss of a tooth. The optimal solution to prevent you from getting a toothless grin is to wear nightguards at bedtime.

How Will Nightguards Protect Your Teeth?

Nightguards will offer your teeth with protection at night since most people tend to clench and grind their teeth while sleeping. The dentist can provide you with custom-fitted nightguards tailored to the measurements of your mouth. Apart from wearing a nightguard, you can also practice other methods to relax you.

How to Relax during the Holidays

Here are some techniques you should use to feel more relaxed during the holiday season:

a. Become organized
b. Create to-do lists
c. Do not visit events that you do not deem important
d. Establish budgets
e. Give personalized gifts
f. Make home-baked goods for loved ones instead of presenting them with gifts
g. Do not go over budget
h. Exercise and perform deep breathing exercises

Do you need to get fitted with a nightguard? Visit Mission Bend Family Dentistry to consult with one of our dentists if you have a habit of clenching and grinding your teeth. This holiday season, be a little more relaxed!

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