The Advantages of Traditional Braces Over Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are more aesthetically pleasing and the treatment process is computer-aided, so people assume they provide an upgrade on traditional braces. In truth, while clear aligners have some advantages, braces remain superior in some aspects. We highlight some advantages of traditional braces below:

Traditional braces can be leveraged for all treatments

When it comes to moving teeth into desired positions, traditional braces are the most effective treatment option. Braces use anchors to drag teeth into place, and the pulling force is so powerful that even the most difficult cases of dental misalignment can be corrected with braces. Clear aligners are not as effective for complex orthodontic problems.

Braces provide better overall results than clear aligners

Because of its strong pulling force, perfect solutions are possible with braces. Clear aligners are also quite effective and provide great results, but when it comes to pulling teeth into their final positions, traditional braces have the advantage.

There are multiple options to pick from

These days, people are no longer restricted to braces with metal wires and brackets. There are ceramic braces that have a better overall appearance, as well as lingual braces that are placed behind the teeth, making them invisible.

If you remain undecided on which treatment option to choose, talk to your dentist to learn more about the available alternatives. If you live around Richmond, Texas, visit us at Mission Bend Family Dentistry.

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