The enemy of a pretty smile: anxiety

If you ever feel like going to the dentist is a dreadful experience, you are not alone. Many patients can suffer from anxiety while visiting a dentist. Many times, we may face it due to a fear of being hurt or being worried about what the dentist might find. While it is not curable, going to a dentist that cares about you, like Mission Bend Family Dentistry, can help cope with the stress and tension you may face. Not visiting your local dentist in Richmond, Texas for long periods of time can cause you to have a higher risk of developing dental problems. Some of these problems can include cavities and plaque. It can also cause you to not have pretty teeth!

Here are a few ways you can help fight your dental anxiety:

Talk about your problems

Many patients know that talking about your problems can help alleviate tension and stress off of one’s chest. Talk to your dentist about the problems you face or concerns you have while visiting a dentist. This will help to guide the dentist as to what he or she should or shouldn’t do. Going to a local dentist in Richmond, Texas that cares about you and your anxiety will help ensure our experience goes as pain-free as possible. Remember, if you experience any pain while an appointment, let your dentist know immediately! Your comfort and safety are the most important things to any caring dentist.

Divert your mind

Thinking about other things during an exam can be extremely challenging while being nervous. However, there are many ways you can distract yourself without having to go through to much trouble. For starters, you can bring headphones and listen to music, causing you to not have to hear the sound of the drill and other tools. Many dental offices now offer t.v., so if you do forget your headphones, you can have another way to distract yourself. Another way patients have found serenity is by imagining themselves in a happy place. This may include being at a beach, a resort, or anywhere where they can escape.

We know visiting the dentist can be difficult, and we want to ensure we can help as much as possible. Mission Bend Dentistry is your local dentist in Richmond, Texas. Call us today at 832-895-5110. Don’t let dental anxiety stop you from keeping pretty teeth! Visit professionals; visit expert dentists that care about you and your struggles.

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