The Two Types of Dental Restoration

Restorative dentistry is a form of dental care that allows dentists to treat oral health issues and restore the mouth to good dental health. There are many restorative treatments available, based on the nature of the condition being treated. Dental restorations can be divided into two main categories: direct and indirect.

Direct Dental Restorations

As the name implies, direct restorations are dental treatments performed directly on the mouth to restore it to oral health. The most common types of direct restorative treatment are tooth fillings. When a tooth is damaged or has a cavity, a composite material is applied directly to the tooth to protect it from decay.

Tooth fillings are a form of direct restoration that can be done in one visit, without the need for insertion of a device or appliance into the mouth. This form of restorative dentistry is generally a faster and less expensive option for dental restoration.

Tooth extractions are another type of direct restoration. At Mission Bend Family Dentistry, it is our policy to do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth. In some cases, it is necessary to extract a tooth to restore the overall dental health of a patient, to keep other teeth from becoming infected, for example.

Root Canal Therapy – Infected teeth can be treated with root canal therapy, which cleans out the infected tooth down to the root.

Indirect Restorations

In contrast to direct forms of restoration, indirect restorations involve work performed outside the mouth. That is, the restoration is done using tooth replacements fabricated in a laboratory. There are several types of indirect restorations that require lab work and multiple visits for a full restorative treatment.
Dental Crowns – A cracked or broken tooth can be partially replaced with a natural-looking replacement made of composite material to look and function just like your natural teeth.

When we fit you for a dental crown, an impression of your mouth is made, then sent to our lab to create a perfect match for your smile. Gaps in your smile and a faulty bite can be corrected with dental crowns. When several adjacent teeth are missing or damaged, a dental bridge is used for restoration.

Which Restoration Type Is Right for Me?

At Mission Bend Family Dentistry, we offer several restoration treatment options. Our goal is to give you the best chance for a great smile at the lowest cost and with minimal discomfort. We always want you to keep your natural teeth whenever possible. When that is not an option, we will work with you to find the best restoration alternative for you.

Call us to schedule a consultation today. We will help you choose the simplest treatment possible that will effectively restore your dental health.

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