Tooth Extraction Recovery Tips

Are you preparing for a tooth extraction? Getting ready for your procedure will help you stay comfortable during surgery. However, it’s also important to prepare for your recovery. Taking it easy for a few days will help your mouth to recover. It will also help you regain energy so you can get back to your daily activities. We will share a few of our favorite recovery tips below.

Take the Right Medications

Medications can help ease your pain after surgery. They can also prevent swelling and infections. Talk to your doctor about the right medications for you. Some doctors will write your prescriptions, while others will recommend over-the-counter options. Regardless, be sure to take your doctor’s recommended dosage.

Avoid Dry Sockets

Dry sockets are a painful complication that can happen after a tooth is removed. Your mouth will develop blood clots along with the surgery site while you recover. Dry sockets form if these blood clots are disturbed. However, there are things you can do to avoid this complication. Don’t drink with straws or make a sucking motion after your extraction. This can cause the blood clots to break.

Cool Off For Relief

You can use an ice pack after surgery to prevent swelling and reduce pain. However, you should only use the ice pack externally. Make sure to apply gentle pressure as being too firm can cause bruising. Cool foods and drinks can also help you stay comfortable. Just avoid anything ice-cold as this can make you more sensitive.

Make Time to Relax

Take time off school or work to recover after your extraction. While you might want to get back to your daily life, you need to rest. Taking it easy will help you to recover quickly. It will also help you avoid complications.

Richmond, TX Tooth Extractions

Mission Bend Family Dentistry will help you stay comfortable before, during, and after your tooth extraction. Our dentists will create a personalized care plan for your specific situation. You will feel confident during surgery with our friendly, professional staff. Don’t wait for your surgery. Call us at 832-895-5110 to schedule your extraction.

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