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Unbearable Tooth Pain While Being Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a blessed time. You are going through numerous changes that will help you evolve into a new being. However, as magical as it is, pregnancy comes with many unpleasant symptoms like swollen feet, morning sickness, and one very common yet unnoticed symptom; tooth pain. If you are also having unbearable tooth pain while being pregnant, then this blog is for you.

It is important to keep your health top-notch throughout nine months, including the oral cavity, for the benefit of herself and the baby. Women often steer away from dental treatments during this period.

They would happily bear the tooth pain since it’s thought that treatments are harmful while being pregnant. However, that is not the case. This blog will guide you thoroughly about the causes of tooth pain and safe options for treatment during pregnancy.

Relationship between tooth pain and pregnancy

There are a few common reasons that cause unbearable tooth pain while a woman is pregnant.

  • Morning sickness – is one of the most common symptoms that most women go through. Due to the constant interaction of gastric acidic content with the tooth, sensitivity or caries develop, leading up to tooth pain.
  • Dietary changes during pregnancy – the practice of making pregnant women consume increased amounts of fats and dairy for a healthy baby heightens the chances of dental problems that would cause unbearable tooth pain later on.
  • The growing baby requires calcium for apt growth. If the body does not get adequate amounts, it starts to take it from places you have it in-store; i.e., your teeth making the toothache.
  • During pregnancy, your gum changes, making it sensitive; bleeding while brushing or floss can occur, causing tooth pain.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Women often see visible changes in their gums or oral cavity during gestation. If there is tooth pain, bleeding, swollen gums, with irritation, you most likely suffer from pregnancy gingivitis. It may appear with bad breath and red, receding gums.

When you are pregnant and have unbearable tooth pain see your dentist immediately, there is a risk of decay and tooth loss involved. You certainly do not want to welcome your child with a crooked smile.

Moreover, pregnancy gingivitis also harms the baby. Untreated condition often lead to pre-term birth of the babies.

Home Treatments to Ease Tooth Pain While Being Pregnant

Healthy Diet
Women tend to eat excessively and consume high amounts of sugary and acidic contents, not only causing physiological damage but also oral. It is essential to keep your diet balanced, include every food group in moderation, and ensure proper vitamins for fetal growth.

Regular Brush and Floss
Women should set their oral hygiene regime. Brush daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently scrape off any material that can cause plaque or tartar buildup.

Saltwater Rinse
It seems boring but has a lot of impacts when it comes to the oral cavity. Swish and swirl salt water solution at least thrice a day. It is harmless and an excellent anti-bacterial agent.

It may seem odd, but garlic, with its anti-bacterial property, has proven to be a safe option for women trying to avoid medications.


Pregnant women often find themselves in a dilemma, whether to take painkillers or not for unbearable tooth pain. The good news is, multiple home remedies can be implied for relief. However, if none of these work, schedule a dentist’s appointment as soon as possible. Visit Mission Bend Family Dentistry in Richmond, TX, in case of consultation or emergency. Contact us at 832-895-5110 in case of any query; we will be more than happy to help.

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