What Causes Pain After Root Canal?

Bacteria can invade your tooth for multiple reasons, but the result is the same: throbbing tooth pain. Your endodontist might recommend root canal therapy for an infected or severely damaged tooth. The procedure is meant to eliminate your discomfort, but what if you feel tooth pain after your root canal?

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing pain after your root canal procedure. Continue reading this blog to learn why your tooth hurts after the root canal treatment.

Causes of Pain After Root Canal

Since a root canal involves the dental specialist working on your tooth’s roots and canal, minor discomfort after the procedure is expected. Still, if you have severe pain after a root canal, it could be due to a complication.

Some reasons why pain after a root canal occurs include the following:

You Have an Infection

The purpose of the root canal is to get rid of the infected pulp in your tooth. Sometimes, though, the bacteria still remains in your tooth. Moreover, the remaining bacteria could work their way around the dental filling. This is particularly true if there’s filling leakage.

In simple terms, pain after a root canal could mean that your tooth is still infected or you’re experiencing reinfection. Hence, consult your endodontist for the solution.

The Filling or Crowns Are Oversized

It’s possible that the pain after the root canal is due to filling or crown size. After the procedure, the dentist might proceed with a dental filling to fill the hole. Furthermore, they attach a dental crown if the tooth is severely weakened. In some instances, the tooth hurts if the dental crown is oversized. Similarly, you’ll have tooth pain after a root canal if your dental filling sits too high. Thus, you might have tooth pain after biting down due to an oversized filling or crown.

Visit a trusted dental team to get the dental filling or crown readjusted.

A Canal was Missed

Since there are multiple canals in the tooth, the endodontist might have missed one, resulting in pain after the root canal. This is more likely in the case of molars or back teeth since it might be difficult to spot the canals. Therefore, your throbbing tooth pain coils result from a missed canal. No worries, though, as your dentist will fix the issue immediately. It could be one of the reasons your teeth are sensitive to cold, hot, sweet, or acidic food items and drinks.

If your tooth hurts after a root canal, consult your dentist right away for treatment.

You Have Tissue Damage

Pain after a root canal could be because the surrounding tissue is damaged, which can happen for multiple reasons. Maybe the bacteria reached the surrounding issue, or the endodontist overfilled the root canal. Sometimes, the file used for cleaning by the dentist gets past the root tip. Consequently, your tissue gets poked, resulting in damage.

In short, tissue damage during the treatment could be why your tooth hurts after a root canal. Talk to your concerned endodontist for treatment.

The Final Takeaway

Root canal therapy helps eliminate your pain by removing the infected pulp from the tooth. However, some factors can lead to pain after a root canal. Your endodontist will be able to treat the issue after they determine the cause of your discomfort.

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