Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry involves repairs to the teeth or some minor changes performed by your dentist. There are many techniques to improve the alignment or shape of the teeth which may get chipped, discolored, misshapen, or even get missed out of their place.

What happens is that a dentist can close the space between the teeth, correct the shape or even restore the worn-out teeth and a short tooth as well. The different methods, which are applied, include crowns, bonding, bleaching, reshaping, contouring, and veneers as well.

1. Bleaching:

Bleaching is the most popular and common technique which involves a chemical process to whiten the teeth. A few people opt for bleaching to get more white color on the teeth and some of the people just want to remove the stains from the teeth.

The teeth are discolored due to many factors like drinking much tea and coffee, as well as smoking cigarettes and through some medication. However, the discoloration can be genetic or can occur as a person ages with time. Bleaching can be conducted at the dentist’s office or under careful dental supervision at home.

The treatment involves the creation of a custom mouthpiece by the dentist, which ensures the correct application of the whitening solution on the teeth. The mouthpiece also ensures that the teeth are exposed during the treatment. If performed at home, bleaching takes two to four weeks and it depends on the shade a patient wants from the dentist. However, at the dentist’s clinic, bleaching may require just two sessions of nearly one hour respectively.

2. Bonding:

Bonding involves tooth-colored material, which is filled in the gaps between the teeth, or it can be sued to change the color of the teeth. Bonding only requires one visit to the dentist and the procedure takes one hour only. However, this method lasts many years and is very effective indeed.

The fact is that bonding is much susceptible to the chipping or the staining of the teeth as compared to other methods. If small cavities are present, bonding can be used to fill them up as well. Moreover, bonding is effective to cover the whole surface of the tooth from the outside.

3. Crowns:

Crowns are actually caps and they cover the tooth to bring it back to normal shape. In this way, the tooth appears good like other teeth respectively. Since it is an expensive method, it is only carried out in extreme circumstances when the other treatment is not effective at all.
However, the best part is that crowns are durable for long and it takes much time for the dentist to execute this treatment respectively.

4. Veneers:

The veneers are thin pieces of plastic or porcelain, which cover the front part of the teeth and help to change the shape or the color as well. Veneers are primarily used on those teeth, which have been chipped or are uneven as well as those teeth, which are oddly shaped and are

When veneers are placed over the teeth, no anesthesia is given to the patient. This treatment is an alternative for the crowns as well.

Contact Mission Bend Family Dentistry today if you are seeking advice on your cosmetic dental options. We understand that a person’s confidence is tied closely to their appearance and if your cosmetic dental issues are getting in the way of your confidence, then contact us and we can give you many options to help your appearance improve through Dentistry.

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