What Is Linea Alba On The Cheek?

If you notice a thin white line on the inside of your cheek, you may have linea alba. Many people come to know about this condition when brushing their teeth because that is the only time you may pay too much attention to your mouth. Linea alba on the cheek doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort; therefore you shouldn’t worry too much. So what causes these white lines on the pink tissue of your cheeks? Those individuals who frequently bite their cheeks are more prone to develop this condition.

This condition hardens the inner tissues of your cheek, which results in the formation of the white ridge on the pinkish cheek tissues. Your cheeks harden due to the material called keratin. The main cause is the force of friction between the cheeks’ soft layer and the teeth. Although this condition isn’t painful, you should take care to avoid it getting thick with time.

What Are The Causes Of Linea Alba Inside Your Cheek?

When you regularly play guitar, calluses may form on your fingers. And just like that, frequent biting and grinding on the inside of the cheek can form callus.

This can happen due to the following reasons:

  • Uneven teeth that grind against others
  • If you wear dentures and they rub against each other, chances are you may experience linea alba on the cheek.
  • Wearing other oral appliances can also give you whiten line inside the mouth
  • If you have a habit of clenching your jaw too hard, you could be at risk of developing this white line.
  • Brushing or flossing rigorously can lead to this condition
  • Clenching your jaw forcefully can increase your chances of developing linea alba

If you continue biting the white lines, it’ll only worsen over time. That is why you should avoid biting the soft tissues of your cheeks when having linea alba.

How To Take Care Of And Treat The White Line In Your Mouth?

If you have linea alba, but you aren’t further biting your cheeks and making things worse, you are good to go!

  • If grinding your teeth is one of the bad habits you have, you need to start eliminating it from your life to avoid ridge formation.
  • But if you think the issue is arising because of dentures, visit your dentist or orthodontist and ask them to adjust the dentures so they don’t rub against each other.
  • Try breaking the habit of harming your cheek, as it will only worsen the condition.

The white cheek lines are not very dangerous, but it’s always better to get them checked by a dental professional. An expert can tell if the line is linea alba or other conditions such as canker sores.

There are other conditions as well, like leukoplakia, that are similar to linea alba but are very harmful. That is why you should ensure that the white ridge is only a hardened keratin layer and nothing more.

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