What Is The Relationship Between Wisdom Teeth Stitches And Dry Socket?

Wisdom teeth do not get enough space to grow since they pop up last when the whole permanent set has made its place. Crooked, impacted growth is the main reason for infection, which requires extraction and stitches after wisdom teeth extraction.

Wait, did the thought of stitches throw you off? Why are stitches needed for a wisdom teeth extraction? Since the tooth does not get enough room, most of it stays underground, so cuts and incisions are made on your gum to take the teeth out and sew them up.

Wisdom Teeth Stitches – Fall or Dissolve?

The dentist makes use of dissolvable stitches for wisdom teeth extraction. They are fairly popular amongst surgeons; why? Because of easy breakdown ability, however the healing time varies; some fall out within weeks; on the other hand, few can take months to dissolve.

It is important that sutures stay in their rightful place for at least 10 to 14 days and then start dissolving after they fall out. During this time, you can feel small pieces of the stitches present on your wisdom teeth wound coming out; in such a situation, do not worry; it is normal.

The suture dissolving time on the wisdom teeth has parameters applying to it:

  • Stitches material
  • Size of the stitch
  • The severity of your wisdom teeth extraction
Can Dry Sockets Form After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

The dry socket is, unfortunately a complication with wisdom teeth extraction even after getting stitches. The instance is not rare and seen in every 1 in 10 procedures. Having a dry socket after extraction of wisdom teeth at the site is painful and delays healing time.

Dry Sockets – Causes

A few reasons for dry sockets formation are as follows:

  • Premature falling out of the stitches forming a hole
  • Infection in mouth
  • Improper or no clot formation

How would you know if you have a dry socket formation? Well, throbbing or stinging pain after getting your wisdom tooth extraction is one sure shot marker.

Does Healing Take Place After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Extractions completely heal in some span of time. An empty dry socket will take about 3 to 4 months on the whole for its entire healing, after which stitches dissolve.

Once they fall out or dissolve, you can start brushing and flossing. But remember to be gentle while doing so.

Final Words

Rush to the dentist if you see that the wisdom teeth stitches on your site are starting to develop an infection. Or, in case the blood clot formation is inadequate for healing, talk to our dental professionals of Mission bend Family Dentistry. Schedule an appointment; call now at 832 895 5110

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