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Mission Bend Family Dentistry

7039 FM 1464, Suite 130, Richmond, TX 77407

What Make us Different


Offering state of the art equipment; Mission Bend Family Dentistry offers the latest trends and methodologies in their dental services with an asset of a team which knows nothing of compromise in quality delivery and effective implementation of the dental services and procedures. Hence it’s about you and your comfort that is our focus combined with the flawless delivery of our services which makes us the best investment option for all your dental needs.
It’s amazing how Mission Bend Family Dentistry always goes an extra mile to ensure my comfort. They never fail to provide me with their genuine concern and cater perfectly to all my gum problems.
– Mike C. Darcy

To offer a complete tour of our services following are the details we would like to cover:
In terms of longevity of effect, predictability of results and effectiveness teeth whitening has been quite a questionable solution for many patients worldwide. However KoR Whitening deep bleaching offers the best ability to whiten even tetracycline stained teeth within a short period of time.
Yes this is exactly what we do when we peep into your mouth checking for your general oral hygiene and health conditions. The camera is a tiny one but it is connected to a monitor screen; giving us sufficient room to detect the condition of teeth and gums inside your mouth!
Solving the major problem of late detection of cavities the laser helps in detecting the cavity eruption at a very initial phase to ensure that the tooth doesn’t decay much and doesn’t lead to root canal or worse become a case of extraction.
In cases of digital X-rays not only comfort of viewership from the monitor is possible but is also a preferred choice due to 90% less exposure of radiation emitting from it, as compared to the traditional X-rays.
Teeth Whitening Richmond Texas 77047
Teeth Whitening can take years off of your smile. Whitening your teeth is a safe, conservative, and comparatively inexpensive way to brighten your smile.
Well What More!
This is definitely not the limit of our services…
In fact to offer you the comfort and luxury of a health resort we have a higher ambition altogether. We offer you all the services which do not hinder your way of life or even an important meeting! Hence understood is the need of a free Wi-Fi service hence we ensure that you avail it and never miss out any of your objectives, leisure or even deadlines!
TVs throughout the Office
Real or fiction, leisure or information, a television is must housed equipment in our facility making you feel connected to the entire real environment.
We realize your stressful routines hence we offer you the comfort of reclining comfy chairs, comfortable enough even for naps!
Blankets & Pillows
Cosy blankets are provided to keep you warm and dark glasses to avoid the bright glare for your comfort to ensure maximum ease and relaxation.
Warm Scented Towels
To cater for different environmental concerns we offer you lip balms, eye bands, and warm towels to ensure your visit a highly satisfactory one.
Indeed- as we call ourselves; Mission Bend Family Dentistry, the name is synonymous to the services we offer. Our clinic is definitely aimed to serve to the utmost comfort for you and your family. It is this genuine concern for our clientele and patients that make us stand out as the best and lavish dental service in our arena.
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