Why Do All My Teeth Hurt Suddenly?

Toothache is terrible in itself, but what if all your teeth start hurting out of the blue? If you have a sudden toothache, chances are your teeth are infected or cracked. Other than this, tooth sensitivity with an additional problem can also result in this condition. Luckily, your dentist can treat most of the causes that make you gasp and go, ‘All of my teeth hurt suddenly!’. But what are the possible culprits? Keep reading this blog to find out.

What is Causing All My Teeth to Hurt Suddenly?

Some common reasons your teeth might be aching unexpectedly are:

They’re Exposed to Extreme Temperatures

When your enamel wears away, the teeth become sensitive. Consequently, your teeth become sensitive. Contact with something extremely cold or hot temperatures can cause a flash of sharp pain in your teeth.

Your Gums Are Receding

Your gums are the tissues that help keep your teeth in place. However, they might start pulling back, leaving the tooth nerve and roots vulnerable. Factors like aging and mouth or teeth trauma can result in gum recession. Other than leaving you more susceptible to gum disease and tooth infection, periodontitis can also cause toothache. So if all your teeth hurt suddenly, gum recession might be the culprit.

Your Tooth Enamel Is Eroding

When we eat acid foods or brush our teeth improperly, it starts damaging our tooth enamel. As a result, biting into certain foods can cause discomfort.

You Have Tooth Decay/Cavities

Many people don’t realize their teeth have cavities until they experience sharp pain when they bite down, eat something sweet, etc. The bacteria on your teeth’s surface produce acid upon contact with sugary food or drinks, damaging the enamel. As decay progresses, your tooth can get cavities.

Your Gums Are Infected

Gum disease can also be the reason why all your teeth hurt suddenly. Periodontal disease usually starts as a gum infection, known as gingivitis. You might be experiencing the symptoms without even realizing your gums are infected. For instance, sensitive and bleeding gums are an indicator of this condition.

Your Teeth Are Crowded

Overlapping or crooked teeth can bring a lot of pain. Moreover, they can cause pain when wisdom teeth erupt and gradually change the bite shape. Pain in some or all of your teeth might occur if they’re crowded. Your dentist can fix the issue by recommending retainers, braces, or other options to realign your teeth and make more room in your mouth.

You Use Teeth Bleaching Products

You might’ve opted for bleaching gels, whitening strips, or professional teeth whitening to get a pearly smile. While these treatments can whiten your teeth, they might make all your teeth hurt suddenly. But the sensitivity is only temporary.

You Have Sinusitis

Sinusitis is a condition when inflammation in the sinuses occurs. Inflamed sinuses might exert pressure on tissues around the teeth with nerve endings, causing sudden tooth pain.

You Have TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome or TMJ affects your jaw and can bring a sudden onslaught of pain in your teeth. Your ear, jaw, and neck might also hurt, among other effects of TMJ.

Your Tooth or Dental Crown is Cracked

A cracked tooth or crown can be why your tooth hurts. Sometimes, one tooth becomes suddenly sensitive due to a minor fissure, but you cannot see it due to its size.

What Should I Do?

If all your teeth hurt suddenly, it might not be a serious issue. Nonetheless, visit an expert dentist, like our Mission Bend Dentistry team, to ensure you’re in the clear. Dial 832-895-5110 to schedule an appointment with us today!

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