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Why Is The Roof Of My Mouth Sore?

Oral cavity health and the rest of your body are responsible for entire wellbeing, and if they are not in optimal condition, quality of life reduces. One of such oral conditions is having a sore mouth roof. The painful roof or palate of the mouth halts eating and drinking and increases difficulties while talking.

Give this blog a read if you have a sore mouth roof and oral cavity pain to know the reasons behind this issue.

What Makes Mouth Roof Sore?

Various health conditions make palate sore:

Various Mouth Sores

The sores develop on the palate, causing ulceration, and are known as a canker sore. Few common reasons for its development on the palate or tonsil are:

  • Hormonal changes
  • Mouth injury
  • Stress
  • Nutritional deficiency

Mouth Injuries

Your mouth roof or palate may suffer from tenderness and pain because of trauma; even a tiny impact during eating sharp foods or brushing vigorously can result in cuts and bruises in those tissues forming a blister.

Oral Thrush

Candida albicans become overbearing in the mouth, resulting in an infection called oral thrush. The tongue goes white in this condition, the mouth palate goes sore, with lips cracking up. Also, you can lose the sense of taste temporarily.

Squamous Papilloma

Human Papillomavirus or HPV for short causes warts or squamous papillomas growth on the mouth roof, turning it sore. They look like tiny white cauliflower. Squamous Papillomas are not cancerous and usually don’t cause much pain.

Oral Cancer

A sore lump or bump on your palate may be oral cancer. Getting a healthcare personnel’s opinion and proper diagnosis is essential in such a case scenario.

Xerostomia or Dry Mouth

When your salivary glands block, the mouth goes severely dry, and the reasons for this happening are various such as dehydration – lack of fluid intake, or medical issues such as diabetes. Dry tissues form painful sores on the mouth roof.


Gums inflame mainly as a result of poor oral hygiene and end up accumulating bacteria. The symptoms include swollen, discolored, and bleeding gums. Age, smoking issues, and continuous dry mouth condition are some risk factors that increase susceptibility towards this problem.

Oral herpes

Oral herpes is caused because of a virus inside the mouth that hits the gums and roof. Its symptoms include red and inflamed gums alongside fever, and its occurrence is prevalent in childhood.

Treatment of Sore Mouth Roof

Mostly, a sore mouth roof resolves on its own. But, there are wide varieties of remedies that you can try at home, from saltwater solution for rinsing to OTC topical pain-relieving gels.

Contact Your Doctor

If your sore mouth roof does not get better within a few days, you should go for a close oral examination. You must diagnose the root cause – virus, bacteria, or fungi, and treat each category accordingly. If you are looking for a dental healthcare provider, reach out to Mission Bend Family Dentistry call 832 895 5110 for more info.

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