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Wondering If You Can Eat Pizza with Braces?

Nowadays, braces are way too popular among kids, teenagers, and adults. And so is pizza. Pizza is actually the first love of most people. When you get braces, they might want to separate you from the love of your life. And you definitely don’t want that, at any cost! Don’t worry. We have some good news for you. It is completely fine to eat pizza with braces. Just one thing to consider, you may have to choose between certain types.

So, what type of pizza can I eat with braces?

The best type of pizza to go within this condition is the one with a soft crust. Tough or thin crust pizza can be hard on your braces and can damage them. Another problem is that the food particles can get stuck between the wires and brackets. And if you fail to completely clean your mouth, the debris can accumulate over time, leading to cavities.

One more thing to consider is the toppings. Go with pizza toppings that are small in size as they can be easy to chew with braces. Vegetable toppings are fine, but you may want to stay away from a pineapple while having braces. Similarly, if pepperoni is soft and properly cooked, you are good to go with it. Otherwise, cross it off the topping list.

As cheerful advice, you can bake your own pizza to suit your orthodontic needs. Next time you crave pizza, go to the grocery store and pick-up some soft-crusts and your favorite toppings (cut them into smaller pieces).

Making Pizza and Braces a Success Story

If you don’t want to give up pizza, we have got you covered. Here are some helpful tips you can follow to keep enjoying your savory Italian dish with braces.


To execute a bigger plan, dividing it into smaller chunks and then accomplishing them one by one is the best strategy. The same you can do with pizza. Take tiny bites and chew them softly. Although this may sound dull and boring, you will end up enjoying your treat more than before.


You can try Chicago deep-dish pizza. It has loads of cheese and tomato sauce, and you have to eat it in small chunks, which is actually good for braces.


Don’t worry about the cheese; it is just fine. Mozzarella may seem tricky, but it’s not very sticky like caramel. But please remember to brush and floss afterward to get rid of any stuck particles.

If you are not sure about what foods to eat with braces, contact the orthodontists at Mission Bend Family Dentistry. Call us at 832-895-5110.

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